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Startup weekend to hit up the Okanagan this March!


If you’re on the pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur and often find you’re asking questions like, “I wonder what sorts of challenges an entrepreneur faces? How do they deal with these challenges? What resources do they use?” then you’d better clear your schedule March 8th through 10th as Accelerate Okanagan will help answer those questions by bringing you Startup Weekend!

Startup Weekend is a worldwide event focused on bringing dynamic, focused entrepreneurs in contact to work together, share ideas and engage in valuable networking. Participants will gain a unique education, build their network circle and receive face time with industry leaders.

One of the event organizers, Cynthia Gunsinger, had this to say, “Startup Weekend is a global phenomenon that brings local entrepreneurs, designers, developers and communicators together for a weekend of No Talk, All Action. During the course of the weekend, teams form around ideas that are pitched by participants and move from concept through market validation to a final pitch in front of a panel of judges. Startup Weekend is a perfect way for students to get hands-on experience, make fantastic connections with professionals in the community, have a lot of fun and possibly have a part in creating the next great startup!”

During this three day period, participants will also be treated to great food, drinks, prizes and tons of cool swag! The possibilities of what participants will take out of this weekend are endless. Whether you leave with a new skillset, business partner or the tools you need to take your business idea to the next level, it is sure to be an incredibly innovative weekend at the very least.

Join us Friday, March 8th – Sunday, March 10th at the Kelowna Innovation Centre for a weekend that promises to be nothing less that extraordinary.

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