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Student of the Month | Georgie Milburn


With a passion for writing, this filmmaking student is bringing her dreams to life.

‘I have always been interested in storytelling and ways to enhance the experience of film for an audience.’ Georgie is passionate about filmmaking because of the unique medium it provides- unlike script or even live theatre. ‘There is such a harmony that comes with combining sight, sound and emotion to enrich an experience.’ Georgie chose to come to CAT because of the opportunity to work hands-on and stretch her wings in the film industry.

Georgie comes to CAT with lots of writing experience, but had never had the opportunity to produce a film of her own. ‘It’s exhilarating to get to take the ideas in my head and apply them to a practice!’

When asked about her favorite part of the program, Georgie says she enjoys the amount of hands-on work. ‘Not only is the work practical and hands-on, but the teachers are facilitating and knowledgeable about the field.’ said Georgie. She also adds that her instructors have added to the classroom by being so knowledgeable about the industry. ‘It’s nice to be taught by people who have experience and success in such a competitive line of work!’

Georgie takes every opportunity in her free time to write, furthering her own projects and creations. ‘It’s what I’ve always done! Making stories flow into being creations feels natural to me.’

After graduation, Georgie will be on the lookout for a niche position in writing for film, where she can create a haven for her ideas and grow them with the skills she has learned at CAT.