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Student of the Month | Kymberlee Lucien


‘Planning, designing, critiquing and analyzing are a part of my everyday life’

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I like talking.’ says Kymberlee. Currently in her third quarter of the EPM program, she has been volunteering, networking and meeting new people to get her event planning career on track.

Before coming to CAT, Kym says she didn’t know there was such a thing called event planning. ‘Until I was forced to plan events for my school in 2007, I did not know there was such a thing.’ said Kym. ‘I was the president of my student council and was faced with many challenges, the major being a team that lacked motivation. I often had to plan events singlehandedly, and was able to pull off each event successfully.’ Said Kym.

In 2012 Kymberlee decided to take a year off from her engineering program to figure out her career path. ‘In retrospect I realized that there was no passion. As soon as it got tough, my drive diminished – there was no excitement and I became unhappy.’  Said Kym ‘I am happy to say that coming to CAT was one of the best decisions I made regarding my career!’

When starting her program, Kymberlee had much experience in event planning and was excited to have the upper hand in her education. ‘I was proven wrong because I had so many misconceptions and there was a wealth of knowledge in the field!’ Said Kym ‘After learning how to properly plan an event, I see now that I had very little experience.’

When asked about her favorite part of the EPM program, Kymberlee acknowledges that the entire program has brought such excitement to her life. ‘The continuous feedback that I receive from my instructors is enlightening and propelling me to achieve growth and excellence.’

In her previous quarter, Kymberlee had the opportunity to plan a friend’s birthday bash at a local downtown pub. Although party planning is not what she would like to specialize in, she seized the opportunity. ‘I like volunteering in different types of projects because I always learn something new to apply to an event.’ Says Kymberlee ‘That’s why I hardly ever say no!’

In her spare time, Kymberlee can be found working on her personal website catching up with family or working on a novel she has been writing. ‘Event planning has made a volunteer out of me!’ After graduation, Kymberlee will continue to volunteer within HRM events to help maintain rapport with contacts and begin freelancing.