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Student Spotlight: Animation student Riva Zietsoff lands coveted co-op position


Riva Zietsoff, a current animation student at the Kelowna campus, sat down with us to tell us about her experience as an animation student and an exciting co-op opportunity she’s started this month. Riva was recently offered an eight month co-op position as an Illustrator/Animator for a multi-billion dollar, internationally recognized animation studio! Here’s what she had to say!

CAT: Why did you choose Centre for Arts and Technology?

Riva: I have family in Kelowna, and a friend who was already going to the Centre recommended the school to me. When I read about the program on the website, I knew it was perfect for me and exactly what I wanted to do.

CAT: What is your favorite part about the program so far?

Riva: The animation program is extremely diverse. If you’re not sure what part of animation you like most, or will be best at, this program is great because you get to try it all. From lighting, to modeling, 3D and traditional animation, the instructors help you figure out where your talents are.

CAT: Any idea what you’d like to do when you graduate?

Riva: I love cartoons, so I think I would like to be a 2D animator for a studio or do some work as a 3D modeler.

CAT: What do you like most about the animation industry?

Riva: I like that it’s a very creative industry and that my work is a part of the bigger picture of creating something millions of people will see and enjoy.

CAT: What is the one thing you would tell potential students about your experience at the Centre?

Riva: Don’t wait to try and figure out exactly what you want to do before you come to the Centre. The programs are very diverse, the instructors are experienced and friendly, and you have many opportunities to try different things within the program so trust me, by the time you’re done you’ll definitely know what you want to do.

CAT: Tell us about the co-op opportunity, how did you hear about it?

Riva: Sean Ridgway (Kelowna Animation Department Head) told us about the co-op one day in class. Students from every college in the area could apply and a few of my fellow students at the Centre were really excited. I wasn’t even going to apply at first, but I figured I should at least try and see what happens. I sent in my demo reel and went for an interview, and I got it!

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