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Student Spotlight: Carly Sappier


She’s been making videos since middle school and is now producing professional films for a living!

With all the work Carly Sappier has been doing in the film industry, she is closer than ever to her dream of traveling the world as a professional filmmaker.

Carly has always been interested in the field of art and was dedicated to attending the Centre for Arts and Technology as she knew that filmmaking was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. After graduating from the film program, she began working in the film industry immediately on projects for her community. “I was employed by my community to create an informational video about Radon. Next, I moved back to Fredericton to work for Lintu Media. We worked on a documentary called ‘A Beautiful Forest’ and filmed numerous community videos around NB. Now, I work and help run Wolastok Media in Tobique,” said Carly.

She explains her reason for choosing The Centre for Arts and Technology by saying, “I love filmmaking and I love my province, so I got the best of both worlds when I went to CATF. They had everything I needed; a small class size, 1-on-1 attention, and dedicated instructors and staff. For the potential students of CATF: be prepared to make something awesome out of your life!”

One of the greatest contributions to the community Carly has made while attending the Centre for Arts and Technology was during her broadcasting class where she filmed the training sessions for the Special Olympics in Fredericton. “They were playing hockey and it was an awesome experience to watch them play and to have the chance to film them. We had about three of the guys sit down with us as we interviewed them and they were the coolest people ever. They loved the camera and none of us could get our smiles off our faces.”

Carly is excited to see where her filmmaking career will take her in the near future. “I am almost where I want to be in my career path. I am now involved with my home community. I love providing services to my people and telling and preserving our stories.” We’re very happy to see that Carly is doing something she loves and we look forward to watching her follow her dream!