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Student Spotlight: Janel Heighton


Janel Heighton:  Student Council President, AGFVE student, and dedicated karaoke enthusiast.

Before her time at the Centre for Arts and Technology, Janel Heighton spent several years studying architecture at another school. A visual learner who was looking for a more creative and individualized approach to her education, she followed her long-time love of animation to CAT and has never looked back! It’s been a move that has paid off – only in her second quarter, she has already noticed a dramatic improvement in her artistic abilities. With the guidance of her instructors, Janel has found that she’s becoming a more patient and detail-oriented artist. Presently, she and her fellow Character Design classmates have been tasked with bringing to life a script from a fictional TV show, first designing a set of characters and then using the scripted dialogue to give their new creations personalities.

More than an artist-in-training, Janel has also taken on the role of Student Council President, a natural fit given her previous experiences in student leadership roles. The CAT Student Council has several upcoming projects, including a Games Night planned for later this month. They also launched a student newsletter, with the goals of building the sense of community on campus and strengthening communication between students and their instructors. Most of all, it’s about making sure the student body feels represented, and Janel said it best herself, “Happy students are productive students!”

Somehow managing to find spare time away from her full-time, school-related activities, Janel works part-time, loves to jam with friends, NEVER misses karaoke Thursday at The Oasis, and is making plans for her post-CAT future as either a Location Designer or Character Modeller.