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Student Spotlight: Josiah Ambrose


Music has always been a passion for Josiah Ambrose, even from a young age. “I grew up with a lot of classical music and both my parents encouraged me to pursue my interests in that aspect.” As Josiah got older, he grew to understand music and sound design, and knew he wanted a career that was involved with music somehow. Immediately after graduating high school, he made the decision to enroll at CAT and pursue his lifelong passion of music. “The program at CAT offered to teach everything there is to do with sound, so it was an easy choice to make!” said Josiah

His favorite part of the Audio program is how creative it allows him to be on a day to day basis. “There’s never just one answer to a problem. We’re taught all the basic principles, and then we have to use everything we know to get the best result,” said Josiah. “Not to mention all the awesome music and sound effects we get to make!”

Josiah has been keeping especially busy lately with part time jobs and audio projects on his plate. A recent project he worked on was recreating the music for the opening credits of a movie. “I chose to do the opening to the movie Drive,” said Josiah. “It was a great opportunity to write some cool, cheesy 80’s music that fit the theme of the movie so it was a lot of fun.”

After graduation, Josiah plans to enroll at Dalhousie studying music composition, and move back to Amsterdam to be with his family and finish his music composition degree.

In the future he plans on pursuing a career as a composer for film, for his own pleasure.