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Student Spotlight: Nick Woodman


He’s a multi-album artist, has a featured album on iTunes, and is a Marketing and Design consultant/entrepreneur.

Yup, that’s our very own Graphic Design & Web Development student, Nick Woodman!

Before discovering his passion for Graphic Design, Nick dove into his first passion of music recording. Spending his high school years immersed in the recording arts, he successfully released two albums of original work, one of which was featured on iTunes. Nick also studied at Saint Mary’s University in psychology, but soon discovered that those kinds of academics didn’t interest him. Realizing he had more fun designing the album artwork than creating the music itself, he discovered his new passion for Graphic Design.  “I love to create; it’s the only thing I can do that makes me feel productive,” said Nick.

In the beginning of his third quarter, Nick says his instructors are the best part of CAT. “The instructors here are awesome,” said Nick. “Eventually they start to feel like your friend, and mentor. They all have a hilarious sense of humor, and you can feel and see the passion they embody when they teach.”

One of Nick’s most recent projects included a movie poster collaboration with one of his classmates and two animation students. “For this project, we had the animators hand draw the poster, while we designed the layout, added colour, and made final touches in Photoshop,” said Nick. “I loved the end result of this project.”

Currently, Nick is partnering with a friend to start their own Marketing and Design Consultancy called Envito – Design and Marketing. “We are just at the beginning phase with this, but in the coming weeks we should start to have all the bases covered and ready to start offering businesses our talent.” After graduation, Nick plans to grow his consultancy and also develop his new found passion of Typography.