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Student Work | Dillon Larade


Dillon Larade was pleased to hear the Centre for Arts and Technology’s animation program was here in Halifax, so he could stay close to home in Dartmouth while he went to school.  As a current student in the 3D Animation for Game, Film, and Visual Effects program he likes the smaller class sizes and how the teachers bring industry experience into the classroom.   

“The training that we get at this school is superb, because we get taught everything at once, sometimes it does get a bit stressful, but as long as you manage your time wisely, it will be okay, and it will help you in the future. We go from character designing to 3D modelling, from 2D classical animation to 3D animation, and we learn how to texture, rig, and light all of our models properly to make a good demo reel/portfolio,” says Dillon.   

Dillon is graduating in October 2014 and is hoping to have a career in animation.  He knows the element that will most likely get him started in my career is networking and getting to know people.  Dillon is already practicing his networking skills by getting to know other CAT students.  “I know at least 3 people from each program attending CAT, and I talk with them a lot.” Dillon is learning that a lot of the programs are all connected, especially Film, Audio, and 3D animation. 

Dillon recommends Centre for Arts and Technology to others because he sees it as the school you want to go to if you want to get into animation. Students are being taught by people who have had experience in the industry, and can act more like a friend teaching you something than a teacher, which I really like because you don’t have to feel like you are less than them. Dillon says the teachers are always there to help you, and the school is open after class hours so students can use the computers, equipment and tools needed to do their work. 

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