Students and Instructors nab Best New Brunswick Short Comedy at Silver Wave Film Festival

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Why study film at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Fredericton? You just might find yourself on the crew of one of New Brunswick’s best new flicks.

That was the experience of 6-odd students who worked with instructors Glendon McKinney and Jon Collicott on “Curtain Call,” a short comedy which took two awards home from the 2013 Silver Wave Film Festival earlier this month in Fredericton.

McKinney and Collicott claimed Best NB Short Comedy for the 11-minute film, while McKinney earned the nod for Excellence in Art Direction.

“The whole shoot was part of the program,” said McKinney, who teaches production and design, among many other courses, at the centre.

“Instead of writing an exam or whatever they might do in some other school, in this class they make movies.”

Written by McKinney, “Curtain Call” is a playful comedy about commitment. It follows a couple celebrating their one-year anniversary, only to have the night derailed by an unexpected visit from the ex.

The film was shot over two days in Fredericton, with students from the centre’s Techniques in Video and Film Production course forming the crew. After hours of theory and smaller exercises, it was the students’ final collaborative project before tackling their own production.

“The students weren’t just observing, they were taking on roles,” said Collicott, head of the department of digital film and photography. “They each had a job to do, so it’s the first real litmus test in terms of being on a real film shoot.”

The instructors hope future films coming out of the course will make their way to Silver Wave. Not only was it nice for them and their students to get the recognition, it also led to some inspiring chance encounters.

“On Saturday night (of the festival), all of the filmmakers had to go up to introduce their film,” McKinney said. “So I go up on stage, and there are two of my former students there with their films. Now, that was fun. These aren’t current students – they’re out in the world now, working and creating.”

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