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Fashion blogger of xodustin.com and lifestyle columnist Dustin McCormack has always been on top of the latest fashion styles and trends, but now McCormack is also on top of the business behind them. 

McCormack is enrolled in the fashion design and merchandising program at the Centre for Arts and Technology in order to get a well-rounded educations that fulfills all aspects of the industry. 

“As someone who knew previously they did not aspire to have a future as a designer, I wanted to make sure I was also getting an in-depth look into the business side as well,” says McCormack.  “I found the fact that the fashion department at the college strives to prepare you for the industry and keep everything very real, a major attraction.”

The program has given McCormack the opportunity to work behind the scenes on almost every fashion event hosting in Halifax within the past year and a half, including being a part of the organizational team for Atlantic Fashion Week. 

“All of these experiences look fantastic on my resume and have given me so much hands-on experience,” says McCormack.  Visit digitalartschool.com.  

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