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The Sound of Success: Centre for Arts & Technology Partners with Studio DMI to Create the Digital Music Alliance


Studio DMI

Words: Taylin Simmonds

Ever wonder who is behind many of the most popular tracks you hear on the radio?

The team at Studio DMI in Las Vegas has been leading the way in the electronic music scene for years. Studio DMI’s head engineer, Luca Pretolesi, has worked on some of the biggest hits from the last decade, including Major Lazer’s “Lean On” and Gareth Emery’s ground-breaking trance album, “Drive.”

The music creation process is commonly compartmentalized into three stages: composition, mixing, and mastering.

The composition phase is where the song is written, composed and recorded. After the composition stage, a mixing engineer takes the song and makes all the instruments work perfectly together. Prior to release, the track is mastered. Mastering consists of any final adjustments needed to get the song to a commercial standard.

Studio DMI specializes in the final two stages – mixing and mastering.

When Luca isn’t in the studio with big-name artists, he is traveling the world providing workshops for aspiring musicians. These workshops consist of mixing and mastering demonstrations followed by feedback on the artists’ music. Using the feedback provided, artists can accelerate their learning at a much faster pace, allowing them to reach their music goals in compressed time-frames.

How exactly does this apply to Centre for Arts and Technology and its students?

CAT has partnered with Studio DMI’s education branch, Digital Music Alliance. CAT instructors will teach as a part of the Music Alliance Academy alongside music professionals around the world, including Luca Pretolesi and Maarten Vorwerk, helping to raise global awareness around the quality of education CAT offers in electronic music.

Dr. Don Ramos, CAT’s former Director of Education and long-standing board member, had this to say about Digital Music Alliance: “With this partnership, CAT students join the top of the EMP community and have access to resources and people that can accelerate their goals immensely.”

From this partnership, CAT students will have opportunities to participate in top tier industry workshops, and enjoy potential exposure of their work to top producers in the genre. We are looking forward to what the future holds for this partnership and CAT’s Electronic Music Production Program!