Blog > Transitioning From Post-secondary Schooling to the Real World is as easy as 1…2…??? co+Hatch Brings Clarity and Direction to this Important Transition.

Transitioning From Post-secondary Schooling to the Real World is as easy as 1…2…??? co+Hatch Brings Clarity and Direction to this Important Transition.


As someone who has previously been in the position of graduating from a post-secondary technical institution, I know all too well the anxiety and pitfalls that come along with the excitement of graduation. Yes! I have made it! Now I can get a real job!! Those are just some of the thoughts that somehow found space in my overcrowded cranium in the weeks and months following my departure from school, which all too quickly were replaced with glimpses of self-doubt and confusion.

Everyone, at some point in their lives has made big plans for their future; to land their first job in their desired industry, to build on existing skills, and to achieve greatness. But the path to fruition of this goal is definitely not a straight line and more often than not, you need someone to guide you in the right direction. Enter co+Hatch, an intensive student incubator running under the leadership of of co+Lab‘s members. Initially designed to create a better future for post-secondary design graduates, co+Hatch will equip their “hatchlings” with the skills and support they need to enter the design industry and get noticed.

We at the Centre for Arts and Technology are beyond pleased to announce that a relationship between co+Hatch and CATO is already under way. Graphic Design and Web Development instructor Shane Austin sits on the mentor board for co+Hatch and will be a direct link between Centre for Arts and Technology grads and the co+Hatch incubator program. Shane is also very active in the local technology and digital media community as a board member with non-profit organization Digital Okanagan. Recent Graphic Design and Web Development graduate Rudi van Heerden is one of the inaugural students taken under co+Hatch’s wing. With their assistance we know we will see Rudi find success in his career and begin a legacy of symbiosis between co+Hatch and CATO graduates.

Co+Hatch are aligned with graduates’ aspirations, and will help to identify your strengths, build your skill set and target career and business opportunities. Accepted applicants are immersed in a professional working environment, where they will collaborate with experienced designers, builders, communicators and other media veterans. Co+Hatch functions alongside co+Lab; a shared workspace that offers up an opportunity for freelancers, contractors and small working teams to become more entrenched in Kelowna’s downtown business core. There is no cost to join co+Hatch, making it that much more appealing for cash strapped grads looking to find their footing.

We look forward to seeing this blossom into an invaluable resource for our CATO graduates, propelling them to the forefront of the job market pool. Stay tuned for more updates about Rudi and his experiences with co+Hatch; it promises to be a great journey.