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Upcoming Boudoir Workshop on creativeLIVE


If you’re an aspiring photographer, and you’ve never heard of creativeLIVE, you should check it out now!!

creativeLIVE is an amazing company that provides specialty photography workshops hosted by the likes of notable photographers in the industry. For each workshop, they choose a select few photogs and/or aspiring photogs to sit in on the workshop and participate in the live shoots at one of many Seattle locations.

Each three day workshop is recorded and available for purchase before and during the workshop (usually for $99) and after the workshop (usually $149.) Each purchase is accompanied by great resources provided by the workshop instructors as well.

And here’s the really cool part… you can tune into any of the creativeLIVE workshops from anywhere, and for free! Each workshop streams live through online throughout the event, and you can usually catch a free replay of the entire workshop for a day or two after it happens. How awesome is that?!

Upcoming workshops range from Boudoir and Glamour photography, to newborn and wedding photography. If you’re curious about a certain specialty in the photography field, these are a great way to see a hands-on of how its done by the pros!

This weekend, you can join NYC-based photographer Christa Meola, for a “hot workshop on the art and business of boudoir photography”. Check out the teaser below!

Sign up for the FREE LIVE ONLINE workshop on creativeLIVE:

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