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How the Canadian Animation/VFX Industry has thrived despite COVID-19

While dealing with the global COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of businesses and industries have had to change how they function.  Some businesses have had to temporarily shut down – such as the Movie and Television industry – but an exception to this is the Animation and VFX industries, who have been able to keep going with their employees being able to work from home.

While having protocols in place for emergency situations, no one saw COVID-19 coming.  However, through having online delivery systems already in place, the animation/VFX industries were able to keep their employees working through this crisis and are taking steps to continue doing so even when the world gets ‘back to normal’, whatever that means.

On Thursday, May 21st, Spark CG Society put on a webinar on the topic – “Working from home in the VFX/Animation Industry” – where leaders of the Canadian side of the industry discussed how they managed to stay open during this time.

Host of the webinar is Troy Brooks (VP of Technology at Wildbrain Animation).  He talks to Michael Ford (VP of Systems Engineering and Software Development, Sony Pictures Imageworks), Luke Groves (Global Head of Production, MR. X), and Chrisa Tazzeo Morson (VP Sales – Postproduction, Deluxe Toronto).

The webinar is a fascinating look “inside” the VFX and Animation industries during this new post-COVID world. 

While a lot of the entertainment world has had to stop working, Animation and Visual Effects have kept going, and a lot of companies are even hiring!

Check out the webinar here…

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By Chris Morris