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This April, the Centre for Arts and Technology is launching yet another innovative program that hopes to help prospective students find their passion! This new program is called PATHFINDER and, while similar to our already popular annual Digital Bootcamp, is also quite unique.

While Digital Bootcamp is four days long, Pathfinder is eleven weeks of FULLY ONLINE classes.  For Bootcamp, students would have to travel from all over Canada to participate, but with Pathfinder you can stay at home and learn from there. One thing that Pathfinder has in common with Digital Bootcamp is that it is tailor-made for students currently in their Grade 12 year or ones who have recently graduated.  ALSO, if you take Pathfinder and successfully complete the course, you will have earned credits that will go towards the full-time program of your choice in October 2021 when you enroll!

With the initial launch of Pathfinder, the Centre for Arts and Technology is offering two Animation classes, “3D Animation and Modelling” and “Digital Paint in 2D Animation”. These are entry-level courses that will lead students to the full-time 3D Animation and 2D Animation programs!

Course cost is $150 per student.

Sean Ridgway, Department Head for Animation at Centre for Arts and Technology says…

“Anyone who is anxious to get a head start on their post-secondary animation training or is curious whether this is the right career path should embrace the unique opportunity of taking Pathfinder through Centre for Arts and Technology. It’s a great way to kickstart that pursuit of your passion, now!”

Check out Sean’s class Digital Paint in 2D Animation

Having students take these courses at the same time all over Canada will be interesting. Currently, we have students enrolled in Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, but our team has no doubt they are up to the challenge!

Roland Baron, instructor for 3D Animation at Centre for Arts and Technology, says …

“This is going to be an exciting adventure, to teach kids, across the country, in multiple time zones!”

Check out Roland’s class 3D Animation and Modelling

Coming in July will be Pathfinder courses for Digital Photography, Digital Filmmaking, Graphic and Web Design and Digital Music Production.

For more information on each course, Sign up now!

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