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What We’ve Learned… A Conversation with Centre for Arts & Technology Students


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Author: Natasha Di Iuorio/Carla Du Toit

Success doesn’t just happen. It’s hard won, usually after an ongoing series of trial and error. We talked to CAT students about the most important things they have learned for their own success, so far. Is your favourite tip here?

“Do your homework. Put in hours every day- especially if you’re in an art based program. Same as the gym. No excuses.” Jarod Long, 2DADA

“Have good time management- create a schedule for every course.” Shannon, VHA

“Do assignments early!” Taylor Forrester, DP

”Put school before work.” Hawk Lowen, AEP

“Use your labs to get assignments done.” Brandon Dodds, DP

“It’s not what you know, but who you know. Make connections. Make friends – these friends could end up being the reason you get hired, even if there is someone better qualified than you are.” Devan Bellamy, AGFVE

“Never hesitate to ask the cage when you need something, they’re super helpful! Also, it helps to stay at school and work on things after class with other students. You can really get lost working on something alone.” Irina Chirkoff, AIDT

“Don’t procrastinate – the work really adds up!” Laura Rosset, GDWD

”Talk to your teachers and build relationships with them.” Connor Welsh, AEP

“Take one day at a time, especially when things get busy.” Tasia Diaz, GDWD

“Start on your assignments the day you get them because they are always more time consuming than you think.” Irina Chirkoff, AIDT

“Get out and meet your fellow students. Honestly. You won’t accomplish anything on your course if you don’t.” Andrew Stewart, EPM

“Take notes, do your homework, show up to every class. And volunteering has been a huge thing for me – really important networking opportunity.” Julia Millar, EPM

“Be authentic to yourself. Follow your vision and stick with it.” Daryl Andrews, DP

“Plan your time ahead of time. Have your calendar planned, and respect the time it takes
to do your assignments. Ask questions; anytime you are stuck on something, ask someone. Do. Not. Procrastinate.” Sophie Des Aulniers, AGFVE

”Don’t miss class.” Garett Ergezinger, AEP

“Make use of tutors if you need them.” Aaron Jegen, GDWD

”Meet deadlines and hand things in early to get feedback.” Sheannon, AEP

“Network with colleagues and other students from other departments- lots of people don’t do the networking. Kiss your social life goodbye- if you want to succeed you have to put in the hours.” Joseph Stockmann, NSS & WD