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CAT’s Digital Filmmaking students are getting real life experience putting together their first television segment production.

This term Digital Filmmaking’s Q5 students have been busy putting together a pilot for their own travel and cookery program for the ‘Segment Direction for Television and Internet’ (SDTVI 5011) course.

The program explores local food production as it fits into building and retaining sustainable communities, and the pilot specifically investigates these topics from a local Okanagan perspective.

“So far the students have shot at a chicken farm, a brew pub and a farmer’s market stand,” says Victor Poirier, DFM Department Head.

“Working with these students has been a real pleasure. Their hard work, dedication and commitment to the project has allowed us to push production values as high as we ever have here at the Centre for Arts and Technology.

This is a six month project, so we will continue to do some filming in the CAT studio in January, and then move into post-production in earnest. Our delivery date is March 19, 2020.”

“The project is really fun to work on,” says Morgan Thomas, Q5 DFM student. “It’s a lot of time and a lot of work, but I’m learning so much about producing, and the production management side of things. I’ve finally found a place in the film industry where I think I will be able to excel. My favourite bit so far has been watching my team come together as an actual crew.”

The finished program’s working title is ‘Local Appetite’ will be 23 minutes long and will be premiered at the students’ graduation and is planned to ultimately (fingers crossed!) find a home on the ‘InWine’ website, part of the Infotel Network.

Students behind film camera on location.
CAT Digital Filmmaking students working hard on location.
Students working with series presenter on  location.
CAT Digital Filmmaking students putting the series presenter through her paces.