Our Support and Promise

Prepare to Succeed in a Place Where You Belong

Centre for Arts and Technology is committed to empowering people through education. We make this commitment to you before you ever step foot on our campus and it extends long after graduation. Our focus is not just on equipping students with the technical skills needed to thrive in the industry; we take it one step further: we provide you with the “soft skills” you need to launch your career.


Students are entitled to free peer tutoring each quarter (12 hours in your first quarter, and 7 hours each quarter thereafter). Student Services will work to connect you with a peer tutor. This is an incredibly valuable resource and we highly recommend all students take advantage of it. Students who excel in a particular class or subject area can sign up to be a tutor. Being a tutor is not only a great way to build your skills as an expert-in-training in your field, but it’s also an opportunity to earn income while you are going to school.

Professional Development Program (PDP)

PDP is designed to support you in achieving academic success at Centre for Arts and Technology, while also instilling in you critical soft skills that will help you transition into your industry. It is meant to empower you upon graduation to begin your career with clear intention, poise, and confidence. This training includes resume-writing and interview skills specific to your field; presentation and professionalism; self-marketing and networking; communication, leadership, and life management skills; and more. Upon completion of the PD Program, you will have the necessary tools and skills to truly “stand out in the crowd” when entering your chosen industry.

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