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Pathway Program

What is the CAT-Langara Pathway?

Centre for Arts and Technology (CAT) and Langara College have partnered to create an animation pathway program. If you start your 2D Animation or 3D Animation program at Centre for Arts and Technology, you can complete the program at Langara College and graduate with a dual diploma.  

Who Qualifies for the CAT-Langara Pathway?

CAT students and alumni who have started the eligible programs listed below.


Section 1 – CAT Program

You are focused on animation and have your career path in mind. You have checked all the necessary admission requirements and have all your supporting documents in order. You are ready to enroll in one of CAT’s qualifying diploma programs. Upon starting the CAT program, you will have the choice to continue at CAT or transfer to Langara.

Section 2 – Langara Diplomas

Langara delivers the CAT animation curriculum, making the transition seamless from one institution to the other.  Graduates who choose to transfer to Langara will graduate with a dual diplomas, one from CAT and one from Langara.

Enter the Workforce:

After completion of a Langara diploma program, you can enter the workforce in a variety of animation careers. Please note: International Students are eligible to apply for a post-graduate work permit upon completion of Langara’s animation diplomas.

Programs Offered



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