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University of Gloucestershire

Pathway Program

What is the CAT-University of Gloucestershire Pathway?

Centre for Arts and Technology (CAT) and University of Gloucestershire have partnered to create an articulation pathway: a cross-institutional agreement enabling CAT graduates entry into Gloucestershire’s School of Arts and School of Media. Completing your diploma at CAT will allow direct entry to complete the related degree at Gloucestershire.

Who Qualifies for the CAT-Gloucestershire Pathway?

CAT students and alumni who have graduated from the programs listed below:

  • Advanced Diploma in Interior Design and Technology 
  • 2D Animation and Digital Art
  • 3D Animation
  • Professional Photography
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • Audio Engineering and Production

Students must also have earned the following:

  • CAT Diploma with a final minimum average grade of 65%.
  • A minimum 65% in Grade 11 English (to meet English language Visa requirements)


Section 1 – CAT Program

You are focused on the creative industry and have a career path in mind. You have checked all the necessary admission requirements and have all your supporting documents in order. You are ready to enroll in one of CAT’s qualifying diploma programs. Upon completion of one of the qualifying programs, you may choose to enter the workforce directly or pursue further education through the CAT-Gloucestershire Pathway program.

Section 2 – Gloucestershire Bachelor’s

Upon completion of one of the qualifying CAT diploma programs, you are ready to continue developing your skills and knowledge in Gloucestershire’s associated degree programs: 

  • Advanced Diploma in Interior Design and Technology → BA (Hons) Interior Design (1 year to complete)
  • 2D Animation and Digital Art → BA (Hons) Animation (2 years to complete)
  • 3D Animation → BA (Hons) Animation (1 year to complete)
  • Professional Photography → BA (Hons) Photography: Editorial & Advertising (2 years to complete)
  • Graphic and Web Design – BA (Hons) Graphic Design (2 years to complete)
  • Audio Engineering and Production → BA (Hons) Sound and Music Production (2 years to complete)

Programs Offered



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