Photography Courses - Course Flow - Kelowna

Quarter 1

In your first quarter, you will be introduced to principles of photography, graphic applications, business skills, and communication skills to serve as a foundation for the remainder of the Digital Photography program. In Principles of Photography, you will become familiar with through learning and hands on assignment: controlling exposure, composition/angle/framing, focal length, depth of field/focus, and basic colour theory. You will gain applied skills in core computer graphic applications – in addition to basic website software – which are integration throughout the program. 

Quarter 2 

Building on your first quarter, you will delve more deeply into the art and science of photography and imaging in your second quarter. Digital Imaging, History of Photography, and Lighting for Stills will all have you working through increase technical assignments, which complement the learning you are doing throughout the quarter in each course. In Design Studio, you will start to explore the creation of a brand experience for your future clients. 

Quarter 3

In your third quarter, you will practice taking your photography to a new level with Advanced Digital Imaging as you learn to use photo merging, HDR imagery, advanced photo restoration, retouching, and other digital manipulation techniques. You will build on your lighting knowledge to become comfortable with any lighting situation or creative demand, including indoors, outdoors, on locations and on sets. You will also explore the Business of Photography, and create a business plan for yourself, to start preparing for graduation.

Quarter 4

This is where everything comes together, in your final quarter. You will explore different employment options in the industry, hearing from professionals in a wide variety of photography niches in Photographic Categories. You will spend a large portion of your time in this quarter preparing your final photo essay, business presentation (Professional Development), and portfolio. Your portfolio, which you will develop under the mentorship of your instructors (Portfolio Production Workshop), will serve the purpose of fulfilling your graduation requirements, and presenting your polished portfolio (in a variety of web and print formats) to future clients and employers after graduation.