Interior Design

RESILIENCE… is described as “the capacity to recover quickly” (Oxford). The last two years have required all of us to adjust, to reassess, and find innovative ways to achieve our goals, dreams and conduct our everyday lives. The graduating class of 2021 were also challenged to be an active part of this ever-changing and elastic process; exploring accepted design theories and practices while actively engaging in the quest for other ways to approach how people live, work, and play.  

As emerging professionals who will be tasked to find creative, sustainable, and technical solutions for interior spaces, they have lived and explored design education in a unique period, facing immense changes in a compressed timeframe. These interior designers are poised to adapt to the design challenges which the pandemic, climate change, and social transformation are presenting on a global scale. This legacy of resilience will lead to designs which produce more accessible and healthier indoor environments focusing on wellness for people and the planet.  

We hope you enjoy the work of these creative problem solvers.