Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival – Student Work Day 2

Phew! So we all survived Day 1 and have now moved on to Day 2. Day 2 brings new artists, new guests on the festival grounds, and many new challenges for the students. It has been a wonderful and valuable education experience for them, allowing them to discern the difference between their skills on campus and how they translate to the outside world. And so without further adieu… more from the students!


First up, Autumn Murakami:

Here at the Roots and Blues Festival things get a bit crazy and who is there to help calm things down. The Crew!!!!!!! Everyone from the stage hands making sure that behind the scenes and stage are set to perfection for the musicians, the documentary crew who makes sure that everything is captured, to the security who keeps everyone safe. We may not like their rules but they are their to protect us. 

I want to personally thank my other crew members for making this the most memorable event I have attended and a personal piece of advice is to always make friends with a crew member, they are always the best. 


Next up is Jacqueline Radcliffe:

Day 2 at the Roots and Blues Festival was all about food! Everyone was getting their munch on, and why not when there are so many great vendors and food trucks to choose from. We made our first stop at Rollie’s Roadhouse for some savory deep fried pickles and homemade kettle chips, deep fried mac n cheese and then on to the Ogopogo for some sinfully sweet maple and bacon glazed mini doughnuts. After that feast we decided to walk around and check out the local wild life and what they were into. Everyone’s favorite Irish pub Kelly’Os was serving up friendly smiles and Pachos by the plateful. Wrap Daddy’s from Lake Country has quite a following and we can’t forget Lemon Heaven for gracing us with their cold refreshing natural lemonade. 


From Kaila Wirth:

Along with the awesome entertainment, there comes the food; from deep fried pickles, to popcorn, to cupcakes. I found while walking around the food vendors there are so many different types of food that each smell is so invigorating it makes photographing that much harder. These vendors are going above and beyond and satisfying each volunteer, musician, and guest. One vendor even invited me in to capture behind the scenes action which gave me a new perspective and great appreciation. As I walked through the vendors, my senses were bombarded. My eyes wandered the menu options, and my nose pulled me in all directions causing my mind to question where that scent is coming from. 



Next up, Sheila Martial Ridden:

There is so much to do at the Roots and Blues Festival, no matter what age you are. As a parent, I thought the kid’s zone was awesome! It is great to come to a family event like this and have things to do for all ages on top of all the great artists performing on the various stages all day.

The best part of the day for me was listening to all the different types of music and feeling the vibe from the crowds. Even when it rained a bit, everyone’s spirits were up and there was still dancing, thanks goodness it only rained for about 20 minutes.



From Harvey Bremner:

‘Check 1-2, check, check’…

Sporadic guitar riffs muted by the expanse of the festival. The feeling of promise starts to build.

 Crossing the threshold you let the outside world slip from your thoughts, turning your entire purpose to fulfilling the promise of this day.

 The backdrop frames your freedom, it sharpens your senses to the ambience of this place and its potential.

 You gather yourself and let the music command your direction, melding with the crowd around you and moving as a single entity.

 The moment arrives, the briefest connection… the promise is reality.

 The artist feels that moment too, for they have been seeking it just as earnestly.



From Jesse Felske:

Day 2 has come and gone at the Roots and Blues Festival; another day of amazing music and entertainment. Needless to say it does not feel like work when having so much fun! Watching everyone do what they love is something truly extraordinary, makes learning much more enjoyable. It’s wonderful to see the crowd grooving to the music and all the hard work all the CATO students are putting in. 

I love the daylight but the night seems to bring a whole different form of energy! I would never have thought I would admit to loving to shoot at night but there is just something mystical to how the lights dance on the musicians. Excited to see what the final night of the Roots and Blues Festival brings! 



From Jessica Jillings

Eye to camera. Musician to instrument.  Crowd to performer. Lover to lover. Human interaction was something of prevalence at the Roots and Blues festival here in Salmon Arm today. All one had to do to notice this interaction was to stop, look and take in the raw connection that sparked between people. Even individuals with their own tools of artistic expression stood out. Honest beauty is expressed when capturing the little moments in time; the moments of interaction that cannot be repeated. So festivalgoers, take a minute to stop. Appreciate the little moments that are happening and embrace these once in a lifetime experiences.



From Julie Charest

The Feel

I’ve seen a variety of people here at Roots and Blues. Retired couples here to spend some time together and sway to the blues. Children who can’t even speak yet, enjoying their time with their moms and dads. The artists; anxious to get on stage and start their set. The crowd cheers, there is a moment of silence and the band strikes their first chord. Even the artists can’t resist cracking a big smile. Roots and Blues is all about the feel of the music. The guests are here to enjoy themselves; to sway, to dance, to sing and to feel, along with the artists. 


From Kurtis Squissato:

Behind every good concert there is a chemistry between the artist and the audience that contributes to the show. If Raging Fyah was the “Fyah” last night than the crowd was the fuel. This chemistry was ignited right away at the Boogie Bar-N stage as the crowd immediately grooved to the harmonious sounds of Raging Fyah. With Conroy Willis on the mic, Demar Gayle behind the keyboard, Anthony “Tony” Watson pounding the drums, Delroy “Pele” Hamilton slapping the bass and Cortland “Gizmo” White on the axe, this group was one of the most energetic, dynamic and talented bands of the Roots and Blues festival. 



From Mikaela Rohne:

It’s been a great weekend so far at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival.  Students from CATO could not have been luckier to have this opportunity and experience.  All of us are enjoying ourselves and getting out there to capture some great shots of the festival.  The privilege of backstage access has been exciting for all of us and really helps when you’re trying to get that perfect shot.  I think we will all leave with some great memories and some awesome shots to help us remember them!  



From Pierre Richaud:

It’s been a great weekend so far at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival.  Students from Centre for Arts and Technology could not have been luckier to have this opportunity and experience.  All of us are enjoying ourselves and getting out there to capture some great shots of the festival.  The privilege of backstage access has been exciting for all of us and really helps when you’re trying to get that perfect shot.  I think we will all leave with some great memories and some awesome shots to help us remember them!  



From Rachael Archondous:

This music festival has a community atmosphere.

Looking around and seeing families with children and groups of friends of all ages enjoying the music and activities together gives the festival a well rounded appeal. Even on a wide spectrum of different artists this creates an energy stemming from musicians passionate about their art and audience members appreciative of the vulnerable sharing taking place. There really is something here for every age. Children are being given a gift of exposure to the world of art and music tailored just for them. Folk music for children (peak-a-boo was a hit), ice cream bucket percussion, creative storytelling, painting and crafts. It is nice to see them enjoying the main stage music together as a family as well–especially when the kids are dancing. I found myself putting my camera down for a while and just appreciating these sweet moments.  



From Rebecca Beatch:

I have stumbled across yet another funky jewelry store! Ugly Bunny is a hand crafted wood jewelry artisan based out of Kelowna, BC. Most of their designs draw inspiration from nature, featuring birds, wolves, trees, etc.

Ugly Bunny first started around two years ago and has recently become full time within the last year. This unique hand crafted jewelry is located in over forty stores across Canada and has recently started being distributed to stores in Australia.

Ugly Bunny is a MUST see tent here at the Roots and Blues Festival. Not only is the jewelry a good price and unique but the owners, Brett and Sarah are fabulous as well! Go check them out and I promise you will not be disappointed or walk away empty handed.



 From Sachelle Wotherspoon:

One of the best parts about festivals are the people who attend it. There is something about festivals that bring out the best in people. You will find the happiest, friendliest and most helpful people here. 

Festivals are a no judging zone so people are most comfortable with themselves and will wear different styles of outfits because they know people will accept them.

It is easy to make new friends, which is great because festivals are welcoming age groups.


From Simone Paul:

I’m glad to be staying right inside the Roots and Blues Festival grounds in the the lovely volunteer accommodation area. I’m happy I have a place to relax with the other volunteers and sleep. I like being able to see all the friendly faces at the camp and around the Roots and Blues grounds. While I’m taking photo’s I get to see many faces and some want their photos taken and pose for the shots. I like walking around the grounds and seeing people dancing and doing yoga. The variety of people visiting the site and all that it has to offer and the people that are volunteering and camping on the grounds are very entertaining. I rather enjoyed seeing everyone that turned out for the event.