The Finished Product: Advanced Interior Design Technology Graduate Cassidy Stober Wins Design Challenge

Drinks Cabinet - Grant Robinson
Drinks Cabinet – Grant Robinson

Advanced Interior Design Technology student Cassidy Stober was the lucky winner of a design challenge set by Westwood Fine Cabinetry, Kelowna. The challenge? To design a Mid-century Modern-inspired drinks cabinet. The icing on the cake was that Westwood was so taken with the winning design, they decided to produce it as a one-off, and the (beautiful) result can be seen in our main foyer.

“Watching the cabinet be put together was amazing! I went to see it in each stage of its construction; I saw each piece of the cabinet get put together like an extremely intricate puzzle,” says Stober. “I’d say the finished piece turned out better than how I originally envisioned it. It’s compact, functional and beautifully constructed! Westwood did a phenomenal job and was a pleasure to work with!”