Alumni & Current Student Referral Program Registration

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On this page, you’ll find the complete details on how to participate, including how and when you’ll be paid $250 for each referral.

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Referral Registration Form

Complete Referral Program Details

Here’s everything you’ll need to know to refer someone and collect your $250 referral payment.

Please note the following terms used in this document

“Referrer” – The Graduate or Current Student making the referral.

“Referee” – The person who, the Graduate or Current Student, have referred to apply to a full-time Centre for Arts and Technology program

“CAT” – Centre for Arts and Technology

Requirements for Referrers

  • Be in good financial standing with Centre for Arts and Technology
  • Be a current student or Graduate of Centre for Arts and Technology
  • Adhere to all Terms and Conditions
  • Provide all requested details as part of the referral process

The Process

  1. Referrer signs up to participate in CAT’s referral program by completing the online registration form found here on this page.
  2. The Referrer is approved by marketing for the program.
  3. Referrer makes a referral to an interested party and the Referee completes our online form found here.
  4. The Referee is assigned to and meets with an Admissions Representative at Centre for Arts and Technology.
  5. The referee starts and attends a full-time program.
  6. Referral payments of $250 per referral, are processed to Referrers via e-transfer on or after November 1st for referrals made within the calendar year.

Frequently Asked Questions

I referred a friend in 2019 and they attended a full-time CAT program. Am I eligible to claim this referral for payment?

While we appreciate your referral and encourage you to continue referring suitable candidates to our full-time programs, this offer is not retroactive and will only apply to new referrals made on or after January 15th, 2023.

What if two different people claim a referral of a new student? Can both Referrers receive payment?

We love when Graduates and students are passionate about promoting the quality of our programs and this instance reflects that. However, in this case, only the first referral received would be eligible for payment.

What if I refer a person and they decide to cancel before starting their program. Am I still eligible to receive payment on this person?

While we appreciate your referral and the interest it created, payments will only be processed when the Referee attends the full-time program for which they are registered. Those that cancel their contract before starting will not be eligible for Referee payments.

How do I make sure I am approved to participate in this program as a Referrer?

We’re glad that you’re excited to participate! To confirm your Referrer eligibility, please reach out to our Marketing Department at

What if the person I refer to apply was previously speaking with a Program Advisor at CAT, but isn’t any more?

As long as the individual you are referring isn’t in active communication with a Program Advisor, your claim will be considered eligible. Centre for Arts and Technology does reserve the right to evaluate each referral claim on a case-by-case basis.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Any Graduate or current student who wishes to participate in the Referral Program must be officially vetted and accepted into the program by Centre for Arts and Technology Marketing Department.
  2. In order for referrals to be eligible for payment, only qualifying referrals made after January 15, 2023, will be considered. This offer is not retroactive.
  3. Referrals will only be considered eligible for this program if the Referee is not currently engaged in communication with a Centre for Arts and Technology Program Advisor.
  4. The Referee must attend a full-time Centre for Arts and Technology program with a 2023 start date.
  5. The Referrer will receive payment for any eligible referrals made by e-transfer on or after November 1st, 2023.
  6. If two Referrers claim a referral, payment will only be given to the Graduate or Student who made the initial referral.
  7. The following details must be submitted on our Referral Application form: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Program of Application, City, Province, and High School Graduation Year OR Age.
  8. Centre for Arts and Technology reserves the right to evaluate each referral claim on a case-by-case basis and may reject the claim for reasons that will not be made public.