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It goes without saying you’ve got a keen eye for design. You know that when images and words come together just right, it’s magic on the page. Your ambition knows no bounds and you find the unlimited potential of the Internet and digital applications intriguing. You want to make an impact on the world by combining beautiful design with unparalleled functionality. This isn’t just the future… it’s your future. With this expertise, coupled with your raw talent, you’ll be able to launch into one of these lucrative design careers:

  • Multimedia and Web Designer
  • Interactive Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Support Personnel
  • Graphic Designer
  • Production Designer


Graphic Design & Web Development is an extremely well-rounded program that prepares you for a number of careers. Our graduates are highly sought after by potential employers because of their ability to multitask in highly specialized areas. Here is just a small sample of some of the great companies that have recently hired Graphic Design & Web Development grads: Ad-Dispatch • Extreme Group • Command Base • East Coast Dynamics • Designa • Jet Label • JewelPop Inc. • Creative Curve Media Group • Artistech New Media • Navigator Group • Roketto Centre for Arts and Technology prides itself on hiring the very best instructors in the field. You’ll learn in a hands-on atmosphere, and pick up tried and tested industry skills from people who have built a reputation owning or working with leading design firms. During this intensive, 18-month program, you’ll learn every aspect of creating awe-inspiring graphic design. Combine this with a comprehensive understanding of database driven websites, multimedia components, and digital applications, and you will be a double threat able to chart your own career course. You’ll learn: Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere, After Effects—XHTML and CSS—Database-driven Website Creation Using PHP and MYSQL—JavaScript—Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign—Branding—Typography.

“The Graphic Design & Web Development program offered everything I wanted to learn: web design, coding, graphic design, etc. But what was really great was that it touched on areas like: photography, video, audio law and more, which really rounded out my skillset and made me more attractive to employers and clients.” –     Dave Haggblad



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In your first quarter, you will learn about graphic file management, core graphic and Web design applications, business communications, and project management to serve as a foundation for the remainder of your program. InFoundation of Art and Design, you will explore the evolution of imagery from primitive art through to today’s digital creations, with a focus on the elemental themes in design, composition, and content. This will allow you to understand the artistic direction demanded by future clients. You will also be introduced to Media English, Video Production, Internet Programming, and Business Technology in this foundational term.

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In your second quarter, you will explore digital video and the art of storytelling, and learn about the essential tools and methods of digital illustration. From colour correction to effective typography, your design studio course this term will strengthen your graphic design skills and mastery of image creation and editing software. You will also be introduced to vector-based animation in this quarter, including the fundamentals of interactive Flash and animation creation, as well as scripting basics to control everything from file loading to simple user interactions.

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In your third quarter, you will take a closer look at Internet Programming, as well as Vector Animation Production, so you can understand the concepts behind event based applications which drive the interactive multimedia world. Your Principals of Photography course will coincide with Digital Imaging, which is designed to help you become proficient in Adobe Photoshop and other image manipulation applications for use in advertising, marketing, graphic design, and publishing.

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In your fourth quarter, you will further immerse yourself in the world of Web design, with study in Interface Design, Internet Database Connectivity, Audio for Multimedia, Internet & Gaming Applications, and Internet Marketing. You will also further your storytelling and editing skills – often required in many design-based careers – in Introduction to Motion Graphics, where you will learn computer graphic manipulation, titling and visual effects techniques, and non-linear editing in relation to Web-based video creation.

Tab 5

In your design studio this term, you will focus on working through real world scenarios so you learn to gather pertinent information from customers, apply that information to design elements, communicate the design progress to customers, and output a final design through various printing methods. A large focus of your fifth quarter is also about interactivity in Interactive Media Development, with complementary learning in your 3D Virtual Environments course and advanced Internet Programming courses.

From a web development perspective, students start at the ground level, learning the foundation building blocks of websites, HTML and CSS.  Upon this foundation, students start to learn how to make their websites dynamic and engaging using JavaScript, one of the leading languages in website creation.  Once familiar with the fundamentals, students learn server-side scripting and database design through the introduction of PHP and MySQL.  Students are challenged throughout the quarter with a combination of hands-on experiential learning, assignments, quizzes and exams.

Tab 6

Your final quarter of your program will be largely focused on preparing for your career in design. In Media Communications and Law, you will learn about intellectual property, rights of privacy and publicity, defamation, third party liabilities, domain names, e-commerce, and issues of contract law and digital production. You will also build a business plan so you are ready to launch as a self-employed designer should you choose that route after graduation. From a web development perspective, students will delve further into the world of development.  Students continue to build their PHP and JavaScript knowledge, adding jQuery Ajax to their development tool kit.  With a solid foundation in coding and website development, students then learn about using and manipulating pre-existing software packages, primarily through the open source platform, WordPress.  By the end of the quarter, students will have built website collateral to add to their portfolio, allowing them to demonstrate their abilities to future employers.

A large portion of this quarter will also be to finalize your Graphic Design & Web Development portfolio which will help you define your style, present yourself to potential employers, and gain contract or project based work after graduation.



Deborah ‘s career encompasses fashion, film, music,  television, print journalism and education at the post graduate level and has spent most of the past 30 years in London, UK (with a couple of years here and there in Los Angeles and Vancouver).

In her work, she travelled extensively to New York, Paris and Milan covering the international Ready-to-Wear and Couture designer collections for print and television. She has also worked for RCA records in LA and Island Records in the UK, directed and segment produced for a number of fashion and lifestyle programmes in the UK, worked in pop promos and feature films, and continues to write and organize fashion shoots for print magazines in Canada and the UK.

Deborah spent twelve years running BA programmes in Fashion Journalism and Music Journalism plus an MA course in Fashion And Lifestyle Journalism for the University for the Creative Arts in the UK, and in terms of events planning and co-ordination, can organize a pretty great open day, film shoot or fashion show.


Kiko is a talented, passionate Web Developer and Graphic Designer with a broad range of experience in the web and graphic design industry. He has experience working with larger web agencies, as well as free lancing, and working as an in house developer/SEO specialist. Kiko’s Graphic Design skills are in such programs as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and many other programs from the Adobe Suite to create web designs, business cards, brand assets for print and web, and more. His web skills are in MySQL, PHP, Node Js, jQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Linux, WordPress, and in using the Cake PHP framework. Kiko’s passion lies greatly in his love for graphic design and web development, but even more so in his desire to teach. Teaching at the Centre for Arts and Technology allows Kiko to keep one foot in industry, while following his passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with the new generation.


With a degree from the University of Toronto in Semiotics and Communication Theory in hand, Kat set her sights on an Advertising and Graphic Design diploma from Humber College Institute of Technology.  Her creativity has since taken hold and led her to a successful career in graphic design, marketing, and print.  Kat’s skills span all of the applicable graphic design software systems, including In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark, Dreamweaver, Flash and Final Cut.  Kat’s interest in extreme sports has pushed her towards companies with similar values, designing for West 49, Billabong, and Big White Ski Resort.  While teaching at the Centre, Kat can also be found mountain biking, snowboarding, or wakeboarding.


Carrie Mayhew has established herself as a strong presence in the design community.  Graduating with a Bachelor of Design from the Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD), Carrie has put her skills to work by creating her own design company and magazine.  Carrie’s company, Ginger Creative, specialize in corporate branding, layout design, website design, editorial design, wedding invitations and wedding day-of details.  Along with her design company, Carrie also started ‘Adore’ magazine, an Okanagan wedding & lifestyle magazine that is a community hub for the local Okanagan wedding professionals. Carrie loves taking unique ideas and translating them into creative communicative and tangible visual forms.


After studying Psychology and Fine Arts at UBC-O, Angela finished her 6 year post-secondary education at CATO, graduating with a Diploma in the Graphic Design and Web Development program in 2008.

Since then, Angela has been putting her skills to use working individually with clients in both branding, web design/development projects, and also with larger companies more specifically in the fashion industry.

You will find her work both in small business and in department stores. Her designs for the fashion industry are being worn all over Canada and the US. Angela has worked with brands such as Firefly, Mossy Oak, Live Out There, Broadstone, Various Sport Check Brands, and many more. She spends most of her time drawing, producing and developing design concepts into a real products for the mass markets.

Angela’s passion for digital art and code is apparent in her work and she is more than excited to share her knowledge with the students at CATO. Angela brings over 10 years of industry experience ​and knowledge with her to share.

Since 1976, Tina has exhibited in group and solo shows in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Pakistan and Dubai. In 2004 she moved to Kelowna after a 13 year stay in Dubai. The Okanagan landscape has mesmerized her, compelling her to paint this area, which she says is a true labour of passion.


Internationally Renowned Artist  and Art Instructor.

Elizabeth Dykosky’s work is unique and shows extraordinary colour use and remarkable talent wielding the brush or the pallet knife. Her work has been exhibited at various galleries throughout the world, among others in Italy(Rome), Canada(Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Kelowna), the USA(Detroit), as well as the United Arab Emirates(Dubai and Salalah). Her paintings belong to the private collection of the Vatican, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, and Shanfari Group of Companies in Salalah, UAE.

Her pieces capture the essence of the subject to a degree that leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.


Jamie moved to Kelowna from London, England in 2013 after a very successful career spanning around 17 years with BMW UK.

He had been successfully ‘playing’ at being a photographer for around 10 years, never committing to making it his full time gig. However, when everything seemed to align perfectly, he couldn’t ignore the opportunity for a radical change of direction in life. Jamie resigned from his perfectly good job, jumped on a plane and headed to explore what Canada had to offer.

He enrolled at Centre for Arts and Technology, graduating from the Digital Video Fusion Program in 2014, as a way of broadening his creative offering. He has since formed a successful Photography, Videography and Events Management Company, called Pinstripe Productions Ltd., producing work across North America with his two Co-founders.

Aside from his own productions, Jamie is also hired as a Camera Operator for live TV, sporting and music events and is an experienced Gimbal Operator. He has worked on small and large production films and documentaries filmed in the Okanagan and in Europe.


Peter is constantly pushing himself to become an expert in his field. His passion and talent has led to a strong knowledge base and successful career in website design, graphic design, and website development. Before becoming head of Lifeblood Marketing Peter was the CTO and Senior Developer at Hiilite, the National Distributed Learning Manager and Lead Instructor for the Graphic Design and Web Development programs at CATO. He is also active in the non-profit community, doing work with Opera Kelowna, The Grindstone Award Foundation, and the Fat Cat Children’s Festival. With over a decade of experience in the multimedia industry, Peter possesses an expert level of understanding and knowledge of technology, and education. If Google was a person, he would be Peter-Singh Vigilante… seriously, what can’t he do?


Jon Matlock brings over twenty years of industry experience to CAT’s Graphic and Web Design department, ranging from web development and digital design, to print and packaging design. Jon holds diplomas in both Graphic Design, and Information Technology and Applied Systems from Vancouver Island University.

Before opening Spun Studios in 2004, Jon worked for a web development agency and also freelanced.

Jon is an avid mountain biker and has been fortunate to work with many clients in that industry. from large, international bicycle manufacturers (like Cannondale and GT Bikes) to highly acclaimed mountain bike filmmakers (like The Collective and Anthill Films) to local bike shops and regional manufacturers.

Jon loves to teach and it shows. Helping students get the most out of their time at CAT is his number one goal. Jon especially enjoys passing on his knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.

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