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Music Recording Artist

Are you a musician? A singer or in a band? Have you always wanted to get your stuff recorded and know how to not only produce but market yourself in the process? Well the Music Recording Artist Program at the Centre for Arts and Technology will give you the foundation to do all of this.

The objective of the Music Recording Program is to give performing and recording artists the foundational tools to be effective as artists in the studio environment and with modern recording technology, and to be literate and functional at a professional level (enough to produce their own work) in the studio as artists, producers, and engineers, and to provide graduates with a product they can use to promote themselves, their music, act, or sell directly as a product.

The technical foundation courses in the program are foundation courses in the 18-month audio program currently running. The time tested and proven foundation courses are then built upon with mentoring classes to provide guidance and direction for the entire cycle of creation, development, recording, and mastering a musical product. The process is a well established defacto standard with long historical roots in the mainstream music and recording industry. 

We pride ourselves on hiring the best instructors in the business—people who have spent years developing their skills and working with top talent. These audio experts will pass on their practical knowledge to give you a head start over the competition. Not only do we hire the best, we make sure you learn using only the very latest software and equipment. At Centre for Arts and Technology, you’ll tackle real-world projects in our custom-built recording studios.



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