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The evolution of social media, digital arts, and the online business experience has increased the demand for Web development professionals who are comfortable operating on the cutting edge of technology and are able to navigate an ever- changing industry. Digital media and online application development integrate what were traditionally isolated industries and applications. This is creating many new opportunities and applications for Web developers. In only 6 months, the Web Development program at Centre for Arts and Technology will equip you with entry-level, in-demand, specialized training in Web scripting/programming, integration, and database connectivity. This program will give you the foundation knowledge and skills that you can use to develop your portfolio after graduation and work towards a career in this field. Some of the careers you can pursue include:

  • Web Developer
  • Web Support
  • Interactive Designer
  • Multimedia and Web Designer


The Centre’s Web Development program will effectively equip you with the necessary foundation to enter the digital media industry. Graduates of this program will be versed in server-side programming, web application programming, including JavaScript and AJAX, advanced programming languages, and more. Those looking to further develop their specializations can continue their educational experience with the Graphic and Digital Design Diploma program where they will learn artistic fundamentals and advanced techniques in the field of graphic design. These concepts, partnered with your knowledge of Web Development will give you a versatile skill set and ensure a quick entry into this industry.



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Course Flow

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Semester 2
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The first quarter of Web Development sets the stage for success.  Students start at the ground level, learning the foundational building blocks of websites, HTML and CSS.  Upon this foundation, students start to learn how to make their websites dynamic and engaging using JavaScript, one of the leading languages in website creation.  Once familiar with the fundamentals, students learn server-side scripting and database design through the introduction of PHP and MySQL.  Students are challenged throughout the quarter with a combination of hands-on experiential learning, assignments, quizzes and exams.

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Now that the foundation is set, the second quarter of Web Development delves further into the world of development.  Students continue to build their PHP and JavaScript knowledge, adding jQuery Ajax to their development tool kit.  With a solid foundation in coding and website development, students then learn about using and manipulating pre-existing software packages, primarily through the open source platform, WordPress.  By the end of the quarter, students will have built website collateral to add to their portfolio, allowing them to demonstrate their abilities to future employers.



Deborah ‘s career encompasses fashion, film, music,  television, print journalism and education at the post graduate level and has spent most of the past 30 years in London, UK (with a couple of years here and there in Los Angeles and Vancouver).

In her work, she travelled extensively to New York, Paris and Milan covering the international Ready-to-Wear and Couture designer collections for print and television. She has also worked for RCA records in LA and Island Records in the UK, directed and segment produced for a number of fashion and lifestyle programmes in the UK, worked in pop promos and feature films, and continues to write and organize fashion shoots for print magazines in Canada and the UK.

Deborah spent twelve years running BA programmes in Fashion Journalism and Music Journalism plus an MA course in Fashion And Lifestyle Journalism for the University for the Creative Arts in the UK, and in terms of events planning and co-ordination, can organize a pretty great open day, film shoot or fashion show.


Peter is constantly pushing himself to become an expert in his field. His passion and talent has led to a strong knowledge base and successful career in website design, graphic design, and website development. Before becoming head of Lifeblood Marketing Peter was the CTO and Senior Developer at Hiilite, the National Distributed Learning Manager and Lead Instructor for the Graphic Design and Web Development programs at CATO. He is also active in the non-profit community, doing work with Opera Kelowna, The Grindstone Award Foundation, and the Fat Cat Children’s Festival. With over a decade of experience in the multimedia industry, Peter possesses an expert level of understanding and knowledge of technology, and education. If Google was a person, he would be Peter-Singh Vigilante… seriously, what can’t he do?


Kiko is a talented, passionate Web Developer and Graphic Designer with a broad range of experience in the web and graphic design industry. He has experience working with larger web agencies, as well as free lancing, and working as an in house developer/SEO specialist. Kiko’s Graphic Design skills are in such programs as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and many other programs from the Adobe Suite to create web designs, business cards, brand assets for print and web, and more. His web skills are in MySQL, PHP, Node Js, jQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Linux, WordPress, and in using the Cake PHP framework. Kiko’s passion lies greatly in his love for graphic design and web development, but even more so in his desire to teach. Teaching at the Centre for Arts and Technology allows Kiko to keep one foot in industry, while following his passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with the new generation.

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