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– Sean Ridgway, Animation Department Head

“A Message From Your Instructor.” CAT Animation breeds success. Some of the most popular animated shows being broadcast and streamed today are benefitting from…

Olivia Bourassa

Graduating the EPM course from CATO was the best move I could have made on my path. This course gave me the skills and…

Selena Hrynuik

I started right out of the gate with a job in the industry, through my Final Professional Development project and networking with my classes.

Morgan Cleveland

My favourite part about attending the school was the hands-on training that I experienced; we planned and executed three events, fundraising over $7000 for…

Sarah Kurz

I’ve been absolutely loving it, everyone at work is super awesome.  Thank you for following up with me to see how my start has…
Sarah Kurz Website Avatar

Camryn Laroche

I am loving it!  Thank you so much for recommending me and all your help throughout school, I’m having a blast!
Camryn Laroche Website Avatar

Adam Kuraitis

It’s been really great getting to work with people who are as excited and interested in 2D animation as I am. Something that I…
Adam Kuraitis Website Avatar

Iaroslav Vorobev

I am having a wonderful experience at Atomic Cartoons and I owe this all to the wonderful staff and friends at CATO. They provided me…
Iaroslav Vorobev Website Avatar

Christopher Mulder

“My favourite thing is to look back at myself during the school year. To see what has changed me to be who I am…

Simarjot Kaur

“I had a marvelous experience during my time as an International Student at Centre for Arts and Technology. Sometimes, students in other institutes do…

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