1. Event Planning & Management
  2. Olivia Bourassa

Graduating the EPM course from CATO was the best move I could have made on my path. This course gave me the skills and real-life experience for everything from event planning and execution, to marketing and communications, to business management and creative application. Not only that, it boosted my sense of self; through their adept personal development course you understand your own strengths and weaknesses, how to use them to your advantage, and to excel in whatever you do. This course is designed to introduce you to the professional world of an extremely fast-paced business and I can only imagine what the updated version will look like! The CATO community encourages you to push yourself to do better than your own expectations would allow, while still being the best support system you can count on. 

Currently I own a small e-commerce business, Olivia Rhain Home – although this course was not built to teach this, I learned enough to be dangerous in a lot of valuable ways which led me to where I am now. I could not be more thankful. 

I'm ready to take my next step.