Student Leadership Committee

Centre for Arts and Technology believes that students not only have a voice, but should be encouraged to share it. At each of our campuses, there is a committee that is comprised of students that meet regularly to discuss student issues and opportunities. In Kelowna, it’s the Student Leadership Committee (SLC).

All programs are represented on these committees. Meetings are held at least once a month where members of these committees bring forth ideas from their peers about how to improve the school, events and activities that contribute to student life, and industry news. The meetings are attended by faculty and school representatives as well – to make sure that we hear what you are saying and provide direction or feedback on the items discussed. Members take their roles very seriously and know that they are speaking on behalf of the entire student body.

Student Leadership Committee (SLC)

This student leadership role provides a “voice of the student” in bringing forward and articulating concerns, issues and opinions from a student perspective and provide feedback regarding the College’s programs, facilities, support services, campus life, and overall general effectiveness.  The SLC provides advice to the Director of Faculty & Campus Director to assist in the development of strategies for promoting the core values of the College.

This dedicated group of students may also take on challenges throughout the year – planning and hosting events, attending networking events in the industry, or proposing changes to the daily routine of Centre students. Their voices are never quiet – and we thank them for it!

Student Leadership Positions: How It Works

One representative from each program intake will be voted in by their classmates to serve as a committee member. Committee members must be in good academic and financial standing and are expected to behave responsibly and ethically in all their actions and deliberations. SLC meetings are held monthly.

As the nominated student, you will be asked to sign a charter that outlines your obligations and the first SLC meeting will be scheduled.  At that meeting, we’ll establish the meeting schedule for the year.

Want to find out how you can get involved? Stop by the Students Services office for more information on the Student Leadership Committee and how you can run for the position!