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Ashlee Bardos

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, I moved to Kelowna BC to study Interior Design at the Centre for Arts and Technology. I fell in love with designing at a young age, drawing up the houses I saw in my dreams and my dream home. My inspiration to become a designer was my Grandma who always wanted to be a designer but did not have the chance to pursue her dreams.

One of the reasons I am passionate about interior design because it not only makes me happy, but brings that joy to others as well. My interests lay primarily in residential and small commercial designs which often offer more creative freedom.

I am a creative, honest, hardworking, person who is often described as being a fast learner. One of my specialties is attention to detail and I have a diverse skillset that allows me to adjust to various circumstances. The experiences that I have gained from school and the design field have generated a strong body of knowledge and understanding of the profession that I am so excited to enter.

Golden Lotus: Healthcare Services

The Wilde Residence: Container Housing - Aging in Place

MSA Group - Corporate Interiors