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Ashley Grunow

Although there is a darkness in the world, there is also a great beauty;
A sort of magic that can be found, if you know where to look.

Growing up I never quite knew what I would end up becoming…At one point it was a poet, artist, musician, then writer. I was always drawn to the arts, because despite the whirling choices in my head I had always known one thing.. I wanted to make people feel something.

A space can impact the way people live, feel, and see the world. A space, if designed correctly, can connect to people deeper than words ever could. This is what inspired me to become a designer…that feeling. The unexplainable feeling of somebody hearing their favorite song, or seeing the person they love after what feels like an eternity.

It is Hope. Passion. Love. Inspiration…

It is the feeling of walking into your dream home.
It is the feeling of finally opening your business that you dreamed of having for so long.

There is great darkness in the world… But through my designs I capture the beauty.

CAPSTONE: New Beginnings: A Trauma Treatment Centre for Children

Ignite: An Art Supply Store

The Anthill Collective: Co-Working Office