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Cheyenne Pahl

Art and design have always been my passion. To pursue Interior Design, I moved from Calgary, Alberta to Kelowna, BC. As a designer, I want to be part of the change in positively influencing and advocating through design for those whose voices aren’t heard. Implementing ergonomic solutions in design increases the safety, comfort, and performance of an environment. It is important that designs be accessible to everyone in order to provide equal access and opportunity to people with disabilities.

I would describe my designs as refreshing, organic, and sustainable to ensure my values stay true and to bring a client’s vision to reality. Transforming commercial and residential spaces into personal works of art by enhancing the organic style that brings out the authentic essence out of a space is something that is important to me. Being adaptable allows my design style to morph into any project varying from modern and polished to elegant and traditional. I strive to create a balanced and harmonized workflow that positively impacts the end-user.


Chapman Residence

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