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Danielle Boenig

My love for Interior design began when I was a little girl. I used to go to show homes with my parents and see so many things that would leave me in awe. This interest I had then transformed into a passion. After high school, I moved from Edmonton to Kelowna, and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. It was after this that I realized psychology was not the career I desired and my passion for Interior Design led me to the Centre for Arts and Technology, where I immediately knew this was what I was meant to do. I create designs that are a direct reflection of the client, making each design unique. I love finding a balance between creativity and functionality, something that is very detailed but can look very simplistic. Design is problem solving, finding the best possible way to use a space and make it look beautiful while doing so. This is something I strive for in every design I create.

Spectrum of Possibilities: Centre for Children with Autism

MSA Group: Corporate Office

The Anthill Collective: Co-Working Office (Group Project)