Eryca Stirling

Born in Kelowna, British Columbia, growing up on an Apple Orchard, Eryca Stirling has been raised to find and capture breathtaking scenes. Drawn to the outdoors, you’ll often find her camping, fishing, snowboarding or out four-by-fouring engaging with the world around her. Being immersed in such vivid landscapes, she has resolved to bring that beauty to everyone she can—that passion has evolved into a business. After receiving her BBA with a focus on marketing from Okanagan College, Eryca went on to receive a diploma in graphic design from Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna.

After years of schooling, photo shoots and working as a Brand and Communication Coordinator, Eryca started to recognize how muddy and tangled both life and branding can easily become—so she sought to bring a little calmness through her work. Be it professional or personal photography, graphic design or social marketing, Eryca will help introduce a creative clarity to your needs.

Eryca wants to help you express your brand’s genuine identity. She wants to shine a light on what makes you unique so that you can attract the attention of your audience. She wants to help you stand out and create real connections. She wants to help you glow.

Wakey Wakey Cafe & Restaurant

Sure Sour Brewing

Long Lunch