'Ebony and Ivory' Logo Design by Gabe Kozak

Gabe Kozak

My name is Gabe Kozak. I have always naturally been drawn to graphic design from a very young age. My grandma was a magnificent oil painter and i found influence from her artist appearance. I got into skateboarding, graffiti and Hip Hop after that and fell in love with the underground scene. I love how freeing it is and how anybody with the right style can become apart of it. I blend my influences from graffiti, skateboarding, street culture and music, for a unique look in my graphic designs and art. I would say some of my biggest influences come from artists like Kaws, Steven Harrington, Michael Jean-Basquiat to name a few. I am trying to develop my artistic abilities all around so it’s not just limited. I want to also be able to blend my underground style with a professional setting to create a unique catchy designs. My future plans is to be able to travel and work from any country I visit with the tools and knowledge I have acquired along the way.

Switch Mongo

'SwitchMongo' Magazine Design by Gabe Kozak
'SwitchMongo' Magazine Content Design by Gabe Kozak
'SwitchMongo' Magazine Content Design by Gabe Kozak
'SwitchMongo' Magazine Ad Design by Gabe Kozak
Magazine Article Design by Gabe Kozak


'NERK' Brand Guide Design by Gabe Kozak
'NERK' Graphic Design Work by Gabe Kozak
'NERK' Packaging Design by Gabe Kozak
Brand Guide Graphic Design Project by Gabe Kozak
'NERK' Graphic Design Project by Gabe Kozak

Poster Design

Lizard Digital Illustration Poster by Gabe Kozak
Nina Simone Concert Poster Design by Gabe Kozak
Rolex Watch Ad Painting Surrealism Design by Gabe Kozak
'Skinny Duke's' Menu Design by Gabe Kozak
Smoothie Poster Ad Illustration by Gabe Kozak
Quinn Clark
Lucas Persson