Hagar Wirba

Coming from a multilingual family having lived in 5 different countries, I like to see myself as someone who is always welcoming of new experiences, as my upbringing was based on it. One of the most gratifying things about art and specifically photography, to me, is its ability to take me Ailleurs – a French word, meaning Elsewhere, that has resonated with me for years now and is central to all my creative pursuits. Through photography, I aim to create an immersive experience for viewers to lose, and also find themselves within.

I have been able to further develop my craft since arriving in Canada in 2016, through the means of schooling, and working with various entities within the professional and artistic community, such as the Rotary Centre for the Arts, a number of organizations within the University of British Columbia, and a branding company Basement Heads. I recently participated in two separate exhibitions at the Lake Country Public Art Gallery Exhibition on Contemplating The Female Gaze, which was called Me Looking at you Looking at Me, and another titled Alongside Her. I have also featured in an Ebook, published by 500px and Featureshoot, called 35+ Ways the Photo Community Can Support Black Lives Matter.

My interests lie in observing, documenting, and capturing the dynamic interactions between art, and the various communities where it leaves its impression on and I would love to find an opportunity where I could continue to express my work in a professional setting.