Kelsey Taggart

My name is Kelsey, I have my first year in Automotive Maintenance, a diploma in Business Administration/Major in Marketing and now; my diploma in Graphic and Web Design. And from this recent diploma from Centre for Arts and Technology, I specialize in photography, branding, illustration, graphic, digital and web design.
Cars and art have always been the two passions in my life that have never wavered or bored me, I could spend hours working my car, or a canvas; those two reasons are why I went to school. I’ve spent years trying to figure out how I could combine these two passions of mine into a career.
I love the ability to create and design; the ability to take an idea within my head and bring it to life on a computer screen or paper. The ultimate goal is be the go-to freelance designer and or photographer for all automotive companies, to travel the world and create works of art.