Matthew Jilek

My name is Matthew Jilek, I was born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia. Currently I am working as a 2D animator and digital artist, art has always been a very prominent subject in my life. I’ve Grown up with three siblings who are all talented in the arts such as acting, singing and dancing, but that has never been my forte. Although I may not sing or dance I have always looked for a way to express myself through the arts… Eventually I had realized one day all I have been doing for the last 7-8 years was drawing and I think that when I knew to pursue drawing in some form or another. As well I was never good at talking to large groups of people but have always admired anyone that was capable of it so I believe in turn art is my way of showing myself off to a large number of people. Furthermore I wish to inspire more people to create art, because I feel art can be anything and the more perspective the more forms of art can be created. Finally I plan to work in the animation for a few years, then I hope to explorer more careers in the arts.

Demo Reel