Sarah Nick

My passion for interior design developed when I was young going to job sites with my dad, in Vancouver. Seeing the pride my dad showed when his beautiful details and components came together in residential builds is something I’ve always wanted to experience with my own projects.
Before going to CAT, I was mainly interested in residential architectural design as I have been designing houses with my husband for 8 years. This gave me the experience to show my creativity and gain the understanding of design before going back to school. In the past two years, I have gained a large interest commercial design. From the foundation to the finishing touches, I have been intrigued with the construction process.
I am forever grateful for these experiences and the people that I had the privilege to work with. My goal is to forever grow, learn and keep designing with passion and creativeness

Laka Fertility – A Fertility + Counselling Centre: Health Services

Ant Hill Collective: Co-Working Office (Group Project)

MSA Group: Corporate Office