Graphic Design Work by Shauna Gardiner

Shauna Gardiner

My name is Shauna Gardiner, I grew up in Penticton BC and I spent all my time drawing, I love everything interior design, fashion design, beauty and art related. I ended finding my niche drawing portraiture using just pencil and did that for many years. I moved to Kelowna at 19 and I decided after a few years to make a career in design instead of fine arts, which led me to find CAT and the Graphic Design program. I have loved the process of learning here, it’s been a lot of fun exploring the different areas of graphic design. After I graduate I plan on finding a job within a company as their in-house graphic designer, in a perfect world I would love to just draw and make illustrations and designs for brands all over the world but we’ll hopefully get their someday!


'FORK' Menu Digital Design by Shauna Gardiner
'Mjölk' Logo Design by Shauna Gardiner
'The Barking Parrot Bar' Logo Design by Shauna Gardiner


Digital Artwork by Shauna Gardiner
Women Illustrations by Shauna Gardiner
Digital Artwork by Shauna Gardiner

Layout Design

'Eeru' Magazine Layout Design by Shauna Gardiner
Architecture Magazine Design by Shauna Gardiner
'Noma Spa' Graphic Design Project by Shauna Gardiner
Hanna Sartison
Eryca Stirling