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Simran Saunshimath

I was born in India, and moved to Kelowna, BC, Canada in 2019. To me, Interior Design is the need to express the client’s desires with an exciting and creative flare that intrigues them, as well as the others involved.
After graduating from an Interior Design program in India and working in the field for two years, I decided to continue my studies in Canada to learn more about the international practice of Interior Design. Throughout my five years of education I have gained the confidence to pursue concepts that challenge my creativity and expand upon my knowledge. My approach to designing space is minimalistic with a feeling of contemporary comfort. Another concept that is common within my designs is incorporating sustainable materials and solutions, as I feel it is a beneficial way to enhance the space and help the environment. Sustainability is the wave of the future and it is the obligation of the designer to bring it to the clients attention.

The Green Field: Education and Health Services

Martens Residence: Aging in Place, Container Project

Nest: Home Décor Store: Retail