Tina Raposo

I’m Tina, and growing up in Oliver, BC, I would draw constantly. When I was given my first drawing tablet, I started learning how to make digital illustrations. It drove me to improving my artistic abilities, and eventually when the time came for me to hone in on a career, graphic design came into my life.

My style of designing often uses bright complimentary colours and geometric shapes. When possible, I incorporate my illustration background into my design work, putting my unique flair into it. I enjoy both print and web design, and I’m very grateful to have been hired as a graphic designer at Vigilante Marketing here in Kelowna.

I’m really lucky to be able to have my passion as my profession. It’s just really fun for me to make designs and illustrate, and it’s exciting to get to work on so many unique and interesting projects. Down the line, I hope to have the opportunity to help other up-and-coming designers become successful, and also create my own merchandise that people worldwide enjoy.

Magazine Layout

Digital Illustrations

Ambrosia Steakhouse Menu Design