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Victoria Zenon-Weir

Based out of Kelowna, BC, and recently graduated from Centre for Arts and Technology, I am eager to start creating designs and new projects which I am passionate about.

The areas in which I find most inspiring are residential as well as smaller-scale hospitality. The tools that I use to fulfill my designs include AutoCAD, Sketchup, and Enscape. Other aspects of the process which I excel at are meeting client needs and desires, visual presentation, and designer/client relationship. The spaces I create are designed in a way in which the client will feel comfortable and welcomed when they take a step through the front door. This is done through the use of biophilic elements, open areas, and innovation. I strive to have every space affect the user in the most positive way possible.

Demo Reel

CAPSTONE: Anthurium - Healthcare Services

The Grande Portage - Hospitality: Restaurant

The MSA Group - Corporate Office