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Student Services

  1. Student Services

Career Services – For Our Students

Many people and much time, money, commitment and dedication are invested in your education. Although education completes you as a person in so many ways, the target has always been employment and we need to continue that focus even as the milestone of graduation is nearing or achieved. That’s where Student Services comes in.

The mission of the Centre for Arts and Technology Student Success Department is to be the vital link between industry employers, our school and you. The goal of the Student Success Department is to provide employment opportunities and to deliver valuable career counselling; to enhance job search skills through career development services; to assist with career planning and career ideas and to provide employers with the next wave of enthusiastic, passionate and talented workers prepared to contribute to their organization.

The Centre for Arts & Technology provides current students and graduates with Career Services. Students receive the benefits of résumé critiquing, mock interviews, and individual counselling as required. This enhances opportunity through the development of relevant job preparation skills. Career Services also maintains current employment information allowing us to assist you with pursuing your employment opportunities. We are here to help you make it work!

For Employers

Employers can take advantage of the talent pool through online job postings for part-time, summer, contract, and permanent positions. Employers are welcomed and encouraged to meet their hiring needs through the use of our many recruitment services. Have a position that needs to be filled? Visit our Industry Relations page to submit your details, and a representative will follow up via email.

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