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Student Services | Prospective Students

Throughout the year, the Student Services department plans a variety of campus events including, but certainly not limited, to pancake breakfasts, pumpkin carving contests, summer BBQ’s, local fundraisers, movie nights, fashion shows, video game events, student gatherings and more.

Centre for Arts and Technology is a close community and as soon as you become a student, you are part of that community.

We do everything to ensure that you’re not only getting an education, but receive an enriching social experience as well. 

From your initial contact with the school, we are here to help you understand your program and what you’ll need to be successful.

When you need to stay late to finish a project, you will be able to access the equipment and facilities required to get the job done.

Our secure campuses provide safety and our team of staff and instructors are here to make sure that your time at Centre for Arts and Technology is not only successful, but memorable.