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Student Feature

Shooting for a Living

Graduate. Check. Get first job. Check. But, for two of CAT’s recent Professional Photography grads, it didn’t necessarily happen in that order! Recent CAT…


Discover how RV’s, a roof and awards figure into Jennifer Yeo’s very successful Interior Design career. CAT: Tell us a bit about your career.…
Student Feature

The Position Is Filled

What could be getter than finding your dream job before you even graduate? We chat to three recent 3D Animation students who did just…
Yellow post it note with the words Animators Wanted written on it

New Look CAT

Find out all about our rebrand, website redesign, and the CAT graduates that helped make it happen. If you have been online recently, you…
Student Feature

(Billboard) Charting

Teigen Gayse graduated from CAT’s Audio Engineering and Production Program in 2014 and has been forging a career in country music ever since. Teigen…
Teigen Gayse smiling and wearing a hat while sitting on a green couch

Award Winning Graduate Talent

Congratulations to Ashley Grunow | 2021 Recipient of THE KNOLL MODERN ALWAYS AWARD Centre for Arts and Technology is proud to present THE KNOLL…
Student Feature

Adventures in Security

Zach Haight What do Amazon, Jeff Bezos, ‘Lord of the Rings’, rocketships and non-disclosure agreements have in common? The answer is CAT Network Security…
Student Feature

Meet Babita Kanda

Name: Babita Kanda Age: 21 Date of Birth:  24.02.1999 Program of Study:  Network Security Specialist Graduation: October, 2019 I am privileged by the opportunity…
Babita Kanda Network Security Specialist Student Smiling at Camera

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