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You’re going to soak up the learning at Centre for Arts and Technology.

This is where you’ll be surrounded by other driven, creative people – just like you. You’ll work on your own, collaborate with a team and at the same time make each other the best you can be. You’ll feel you belong here.

All the while your mentors and instructors will include experts who have already proven themselves in their fields and who will tell you all the right and wrong things to do in order for you to succeed.

Our campus in beautiful Kelowna, BC features two audio recording studios, dedicated animation labs, an art room, digital photography and digital filmmaking production studio, an interior design lab and much more. A bustling hub of creativity and learning, visitors will be greeted at our reception desk and immediately see a wide range of student work on the walls, a tight-knit group of staff and students and a feeling of youth and ingenuity.

Quick Facts:

  • Classroom sizes range from 6 – 21 students.
  • We speak both Mac and PC and so will you!
  • Today’s employers are not just looking for exceptional technical skills, but well-rounded team members and contributors. Our Professional Development Program means you’ll be both.
  • Personalized service from inquiry to graduation.
  • Full designation through EQA and PTIB

Centre for Arts and Technology’s Kelowna campus opened its doors over a decade ago and is located in the Landmark Centre – a campus-style business centre and technology hub that serves the greater Okanagan Valley and beyond.

Centre for Arts and Technology is not your typical community college or university. The foundation was built over 30 years ago by leaders in both media training and educational excellence. The journey has been long with many different paths being bridged together – the end result is one of Canada’s leading colleges in digital arts and technical training.

Today, we are recognized as one of the few schools that continually graduate successful students in the areas of 2d animation, 3d animation, audio engineering, filmmaking, graphic & web design, interior design, photography, and network administration, and network security.

We’ve Built A Community

But we are more than hallways and classrooms, instructors and students. Centre for Arts and Technology is a community that is built through industry contacts and advancing technologies. It is a college that nurtures students along their educational journey, providing challenges and opportunities, mentorship and motivation, all while fostering a collaborative environment where students can reach their full potential.

It has been said by many that have walked through our doors – “you can really feel the difference”. This is one of the greatest compliments we can receive and is something we are always striving to achieve. We want to feel different because we want to be different. It’s not only what makes the Centre for Arts and Technology special, but it’s also what makes the students special. Our campus is located in Kelowna and our doors are always open to visitors, please don’t be shy, book your campus tour today!

Mission and Values

Our Mission:

We believe in empowering people through education.

Our Values:

  • Live and Inspire Excellence
  • Lead where you stand, with humility, never complacent – empowering exceptional behaviour
  • Strive to learn, grow, be self-aware, and help others do the same
  • Always Ethical, Always with Integrity, Always Accountable; to ourselves, to others and the planet
  • Hard and smart work dedicated to continuous improvement

Our People

From Program Advisors to Department Heads, from Instructors to Student Success, the people at Centre for Arts and Technology are driven by one common passion – to see the students succeed. Industry professionals will guide you through the classroom while professional support will help you with those things that don’t come from a textbook. The important thing to know is that you might be standing at the front of the class, but you’ve got an entire team behind you.

Download our program Lookbook, and read interFACE, CAT’s campus-life magazine!

College Facilities

Our facilities include:

  • Over 10,000 square feet of learning spaces;
  • Two contemporary digital recording studios with mix-to-picture surround-sound capability;
  • A Film Production Studio complimenting extensive digital video, motion graphics, digital media, visual effects and green screen colour keying technology;
  • Interior design and animation labs which create an environment similar to the industry you will soon find yourself in;
  • Student lounge areas where we host numerous events throughout the year;
  • Nearby coffee shops, gym and restaurants, and access to city-wide bus routes.

We offer students liberal access to facilities and equipment to create an educational setting where art and creativity blend seamlessly with technology. The Centre’s vision is centred on established industry partnerships and a commitment to bringing the latest software and hardware into the classroom.

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